The Vortex stove  is the most durable and efficient,  packable stove available.  From the computer designed and
built titanium body, that delivers  superior heat transfer* and amazing corrosion resistance**  To the  
ingenious***  roll-up pipe,  the Vortex delivers superior performance.  With features like a fully adjustable
damper**** to dial in your burn, light weight snow platform standard,  and an ultra-lite
storage system that
allows you to pack components separate or all together, you can't go wrong. The Vortex will heat your tent and
cook your dinner better than anything comparable.  Now available with titanium pipes.  The small and large
stoves have 3" pipes, the X-Large has a 4" pipe****.  
 Click here for assembly instructions   We recommend not
using a spark arrestor, the damper works great. If you want a spark arrestor, you may purchase one
*Boil times are greatly improved over comparable stoves, titanium efficiently radiates heat. Smaller titanium stoves will do the job
of larger stainless stoves.
**Titanium is many times more durable and corrosion resistant than stainless steel. Titanium stoves wont burn out in salt water
environments like "stainless steel" will. Our titanium is twice as thick as comparable stainless stoves.  
***Russian origins.
****Real stoves have dampers for effective and efficient burning. No damper means severely reduced burn times, and the need for
excessively large diameter pipes.
Stove Specifications
  With titanium pipe
Small Stove:
Dimensions:     6"x 7"x 10" fire box, 11" tall when assembled.  Fire
box                         takes down to 1"x 7"x 10" with the pipe rolling up
to 2"                           diameter, 12" long.  

Weight:           2lbs, 8.5oz  with 6.5' titanium pipe
Price:              $340 with 6.5' Ti pipe.

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Large stove:
Dimensions:    7"x 8.5"x 15" fire box, 11" tall when assembled.
Fire                               box takes down to 1"x 8.5"x 15" with the pipe
rolling up                         to 2" diameter, 12" long.  

Weight:            3lbs, 7oz  with 8' titanium pipe.
Price:               $450 with 8.5' Ti pipe  

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X-Large stove:
Dimensions:    10"x 10.5"x 22" fire box, 16" tall when assembled.  
Fire                          box takes down to 1"x 10.5"x 22"  with the pipe
rolling                           up to 2" diameter, 16" long.  

Weight:            6lbs, 5oz  with  8.5' titanium pipe. Add 2.5oz per foot
of                         additional  pipe.
Price:               $650 with 8.5' titanium pipe.

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Stove boots: These sew in stove boots allow you to put a stove in
other suitable tents. Note: not all tents are stove compatible. If you can
provide the angle of your tent or its dimensions, we can cut the proper
elliptical hole in your boot for you.

Price: $40
Weight:   3.6oz
... In Stock...
We have been using titanium pipes on our stoves since 2006.  These pipes have several advantages over the stainless
steel pipes. The first is of course weight, the titanium pipes are 30% lighter than their stainless counter parts.  While
being 30% lighter, these pipes are also stronger, the titanium pipes are 20% thicker than the stainless pipes.  So not only
are they lighter, stronger, and last a life time, the titanium pipes are also more efficient.  Titanium transfers heat far better
than stainless, so by using the titanium pipe, you get more heat radiated into your tent, rather than lost up the pipe.
Disclaimer: Stoves are HOT, serious
injury and property damage can occur.
Manufacturer takes NO responsibility for
injury or property damage. Do not leave
stoves unattended. Keep children and
pets away from hot stoves. Have fun
and be safe.