Assembly of the WiFi stoves is
the same regardless of size.
The following images are of a
small stove being assembled.
Bag with all the goodies
What"s inside the bag
Opened up
Opened up no pipe
Start body assembly
Body assembled
With the top upside down
install the body
Install the bottom on the
Install all 4 legs
The stove is assembled
Now for the pipe
Unroll the pipe
Using a tent pole, roll the pipe
length ways. Get a hand
doing this the first time
With help, place cable
rings on the pipe.
Pinch pipe and Install damper.
Place the end ring in the pipe.
Move cable ring toward the
damper end to secure it.
Install ring at the top of
the pipe.
Move cable ring toward
the end of pipe to secure
the end ring.
If you have a spark arrester it
goes in below the damper... in
place of the end ring.