SevenD Is the lightest high performance woven fabric available, with an amazing finished weight of .64oz per square yard.
SevenD has a down proof cire finish,  "DWR" coating, and 7D*10D nylon construction. This fabric has an amazing hand, and
deep rich black color. With a new and improved single pass "DWR" coating this fabric is even suitable for bivy tops.  The cire
side is the shiny side and should be placed to the inside, the dull side is the "finished" side.   Manufactures please contact us
for bulk rates. No limited quantities.    

Weight:                                    22 gsm     .64oz/sy
Color:                                       Black
Finish:                                      Down proof cire finish, and improved "DWR" coating
Construction:                           7D*10D  Nylon
Width:                                      58"

Price:                                       $22 per linear yard
This photo does not do the black color justice
   It is a really nice deep black