Goosefeet are light weight down socks built by Ben Smith. These things are awesome, if you get
cold feet you need a pair of these. We offer these in size Medium, Large, and Large+ with extra
down.  The Large+ have an extra 50% (.55oz) of down.  These down socks are constructed of
0.9oz per sq yd ripstop nylon and 800+ fill premium down, with top notch craftsmanship.
Size medium fits men's sizes 8-9 and
women's sizes 9-10. Size large fits
men's 10-11 and women's 11-12.

Mediums:              2.2oz               $55
     2.4oz                $60
Large+:                2.95oz              $65

Color:   Black
..... Large out of Stock.....
..... Medium out of Stock....
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