Nobul1 is a light weight 10x10 denier fabric with a cire finish on one side and a DWR coating that makes this
fabric suitable as shell for down products.  Water repellent, and has good breathable characteristics, so it's
even better for linings.  The less shiny side is the "finished" or right side.  .67oz/sq yard.   No limited quantities.
...The Kelly Green (formerly KG-8D)  was chosen by the BPL DIY crowd for a group purchase...

Nobul2 is the same base fabric as Nobul1, 10x10 denier with a cire finish and coating on one side. It has a more
substantial coating on the cire side. This makes it more water repellent and more down proof.  Suitable as a liner
for down products and even better as a shell.  Black

Update early 2012: Through better communication with the mill we have been able to clarify that what was
originally spec'd as an 8x10 denier is actually a 10x10 denier fabric.  We will continue to call it EightD so that
everyone knows that this is the same fabric... nothing has changed except for the clarification that it is 10x10
denier fabric.

Update 7/12:  We have renamed what was formally known as 8D (please see previous update above).  The
new name is
Nobull.  As stated in the previous update, nothing about the fabric has changed except it's name.  
This is still the same 10 x 10 denier fabric that it has always been ... it just has a new name ...

Update 8/12:  Another name change.  We will soon be releasing a second version of the Nobull fabric.  So to
clarify the difference between the two, the names  have been modified to "Nobul1" and "Nobul2"
Nobull ...  it's now .... Nobul1  and  Nobul2
Black available
Colors:                      Tan...Grey .... Out of Stock
Finish:                       Down proof cire finish and DWR treated
Construction:            10D x 10D Nylon
Width:                        60" (58" usable)
Wt:                            .67oz per sq yd
...Out of  Stock...
Price:                         $7.50 per linear yard ... sold in full yards
Colors:                      Black... In Stock
Finish:                       Down proof cire finish and coated
Construction:            10D x 10D Nylon
Width:                        60" (58" usable)
Wt:                             76 oz per sq yd
...In Stock...
Price:                       $10.95 per linear yard ... sold in full yards