The Bug Bivy is the same dimensions and construction as the Ptarmigan, but with a full bug net
top. The bottom is Forest Green Sil-nylon. The full bug net top allows for maximum ventilation,
with no bugs, while still protecting the bottom of you bag or quilt. The no-see-um mesh will still
break some wind, and the bath tub floor will help reduce drafts for those of you that use quilts.  
- Articulated hood
- One piece, articulated, seamless floor
- Loop to pull hood fabric off your face
- #3 zipper with pull tab on the slider
- Sil-nylon bottom (black)
- 1 oz per yard no-see-um netting

Size: 76" chest girth, 48" foot girth, 87" length.
Will fit long winter bags.

Weight: 6.3 ounces for bivy, 6.5 ounces with
stuff sack

Price:   $85

.........In Stock........
The pull loop on the bug net hood is sewn
in at the zipper for extra reinforcement.